Painting your home inside and out is one of the easiest and fastest ways to refresh its overall appearance. New paint choices offer you several opportunities to brighten the place up, or tone it down some. You could even use a new paint scheme as an excuse to buy new furniture – we won't tattle. Here's a list of other reasons to repaint your home this year:

Increase the Curb Appeal
Everyone likes the look of a new paint job. Newly painted windows, exterior walls, and other surfaces will attract the attention of your neighbors and others who happen to drive by. A newly painted home just looks good, clean, and is an eye-catcher.

Increase the Salability
New paint increases the chances that your home will sell. If you're looking to sell relatively soon, repaint all paintable surfaces a nice neutral color to increase the chances of a good, quick sell. You may even be able to recuperate the costs of repainting due to the home being “move-in ready.” 

Hide Stains or Unwanted Marks
No matter how careful you are, at some point your walls are going to get marked, knocked, scrubbed, drawn on, or damaged in some way. A new coat of paint covers up all of those mishaps and makes it look like new.

Protects Surfaces
Paint coats and protects the surface of your walls, window sills, and other woodwork – both interior and exterior. The occasional minor touch-up is often all it takes to maintain a like-new surface for several years.

Least Expensive Remodel
Quality paint costs roughly $35 to $50 per gallon, making it one of the most cost effective remodeling ideas. Many people don’t put painting in the remodeling category, but they should. Paint drastically changes how you feel about the appearance of your home and how you feel in each room. Bright and cheery paint creates a fun atmosphere where lighter colors tend to create a more peaceful feeling.

Just Because You Want To!
I could go on for hours looking for reasons – or excuses – to paint. Sometimes it just boils down to because I want to. Homeowners often deal with the original colors of the home for several years before they decide to change them. Painting is messy business that a lot of people don’t want to deal with, or simply don’t have the patience for.


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