SM DECOR & REMODELING is a company in the field of decoration and remodeling with over ten years experience. Our goal is to provide our customers everything they need for remodeling or building a home or project, with a great team and in collaboration with prestigious companies that we supply the most complete range of finishing materials for all your remodeling needs.

Providing our customers a stylish and harmonious chord with your home or project selection.

We also take care of helping with choosing proper lighting and accessories that best suit the decor of every corner of your home or project.
In SM DECOR & REMODELING find a great team of professionals to help you at remodeling your kitchens, bathrooms, closets, living area and their distribution and installation.
We handle the entire project making it a turnkey without missing any details.

We specialize in carrying out comprehensive interior design projects for restaurants, homes, offices, hotels and more. We can assist in carrying out a simple project as an area of the house as well as the overall project of a whole house, with a great advantage over a single person can design and purchase all necessary materials for the interior of your home , kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, siding, closet, lighting, furniture.

We also have partners who can implement and coordinate its perfect work, that you only have to worry about the selection of materials or products and forget the rest of the process.
We evaluate the project, suggest based on the needs and preferences of our customers we give the best suggestion based on the level you prefer, suggest the best under the conditions of our customers.
We adapt to any budget, we are a group capable of inventing creative furniture products and finishing details that are tailored to their abilities.

SM DECOR & REMODELING consists of two major areas:

Personal advice with product samples, photos of items to use or furniture, fabric samples, coatings and finishes to completion, the interior advises the client on each of its projects. Additionally, the client can hire the project integro service where we provide one (turnkey) solution for the entire reform your home or project. 

Projects: This division is responsible for large projects such as hotels, restaurants, apartments, villas, etc. Our work ranges from the simple delivery of the product to the customer with the most consistent design items and project budget, additionally if the customer wants it can present the 3D proposal, physically mounted in the sample design or want work directly with the property. 

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